When to avoid, when to book: Summer travel do's and don'ts

Kayak lets you in on some tips

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Have you planned all your summer getaways already? We realize it’s already mid-June, but it still feels like a question worth asking, especially considering that travel search engine Kayak has analyzed summer travel dates and pricing trends to let you in on some secrets.

So let’s squeeze one more vacation into your budget, shall we?

Kayak has determined …

The worst date for U.S. travel is Sunday, June 25.

This is the most expensive departure date for domestic travel, probably thanks to people counting on a long break for the Fourth of July, the website Mic reported.

Sundays are the most expensive departure day for travel in the U.S. all summer long, so keep that in mind as well.

Your best deals on domestic travel can be found typically two to four weeks before your intended vacation date, Kayak discovered, adding that domestic airfare is pretty consistent in price throughout the summer months.

The worst date to take off for international travel is Friday, June 30.

Try to book before or wait until July, Kayak said. Friday, June 30 is also the most expensive day for airfare overall, with the median price up by more than $400, due to the Independence Day holiday.

Weekdays are actually the most expensive days for international departures, so save your long trips for weekends, Mic reported.

Oh, and unlike domestic travel, international flights get cheaper the further in advance that you book them, so don’t hesitate when it comes to reserving your airfare ASAP.

One final thing, according to a Kayak blog post: Wait until summer’s end. If you travel in August or September, you’ll start to see prices drop to international destinations. It’s also when the crowds ease up, so that’s an added bonus.

The best day to fly for Fourth of July weekend is Sunday, July 2.

Well, flying ON the actual holiday is known to save you the most money. But if you’re not into that idea, Kayak recommended taking off Sunday, July 2, and returning Wednesday, July 5, for the best deals.

Median airfare for these dates is currently $200.

The cheapest weekend day for July travel is Friday, July 7.

Pack your bags and head out after Independence Day.

Mic said July is the most expensive summer month for travel. So maybe plan a road trip for this month, and book your airfare for August.

The cheapest weekend day for August travel is Friday, August 25.

In August, get ready to hit the road or the skies just before Labor Day for the best deals. Kayak also said booking Labor Day travel as soon as you see a good deal is worth it -- because waiting will most likely result in higher prices for procrastinators.

If you can postpone your trip till mid-September, you'll likely pay less than you would over the summer, not only for airfares but also for hotels.

One more note on Labor Day.

If possible, leave Sunday, Sept. 3, and return Tuesday, Sept. 5. The most expensive day to travel is Thursday, Aug. 31.

Is your summer travel booked already? Let us know in the comments.

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