District 2 councilman wants to make community better for constituents

William 'Cruz' Shaw making it his mission to create opportunities

SAN ANTONIO – With less than two weeks on the job, District 2 Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw said he’s making it his mission to create better opportunities for the people he represents.

"We’ve got (to) ensure that we keep the community in mind when we do develop in District 2 to provide jobs, opportunities for families, building our infrastructure, to make sure we have the proper drainage system, sidewalk for our kids to go to school," Shaw said.

Shaw is a Houston native. He graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio and went back to Houston for law school. He also served in the United States Navy Reserve before coming back to the Alamo City to open his law practice.

"When I started my law practice, I started from the ground up, so I worked at an Office Max two years to offset the costs," Shaw said.

Shaw said he fell in love with the East Side because it reminded him of home. When he is not focused on District 2, he enjoys spending time with his family.

"I just enjoy spending time with my wife. She’s brilliant. She’s motivating. We have great conversations. She's an attorney as well, so we sit there and debate different issues," Shaw said.
Shaw said he is aware of his district’s trouble with crime, but he believes things are changing because of the community and organizations getting involved.

"They just see a need and they fulfill the need by themselves, a lot of times on a volunteer basis. That takes a lot of heart and takes a lot (of) time, but we have a lot of members in the community that are very eager to make District 2 a better place to live," Shaw said.

The councilman knows there is work to be done but believes change can be made.