Homebound seniors getting life-saving help during summer heat

Meals on Wheels delivering much more than food this summer

SAN ANTONIO – The sweltering summer heat can be tough to handle. For homebound seniors, it can even be life-threatening, so one organization is stepping up. Meals on Wheels is delivering much more than food this summer. 

To some, a fan may seem commonplace, but for others, like Laura Gomez, it's a life-saver.

"Ah you see?" Gomez said, turning on her fan. "Feel better already. Ready for a nap."

Gomez has been a Meals on Wheels client for years.

"It means a lot to me. Sometimes it's the only meal I'll have and people are very nice and I'm looking forward to seeing them every day," Gomez said.

Times are especially tough in the summer months when the heat overwhelms her slightly air conditioned home. Then this year, help came when she needed it most. 

"I was very surprised. I mentioned to one of the delivering girls how hot it was and how I hadn't been sleeping well and feeling well and next thing you know I have them showing up with a fan at my door. I was overwhelmed," she said.

This summer, San Antonio's Meals on Wheels has delivered at least 50 fans to clients with little or no air conditioning.

"A lot of our clients even if they have AC they're going to run that pretty skimpily or not at all if they absolutely don't have to because they're definitely on tight budgets," director Jim Snyder said.

That is why Snyder says a daily safety check has become just as important as the meal delivery.

"It's also a break in that isolation which is pretty important to their physical and mental health," Snyder said.

"I appreciate them very much," Gomez said.

This serves as a good reminder to check on seniors at home throughout the summer. 

Meals on Wheels is also always looking for volunteers to help deliver food. Anyone able to help is asked to call 210-735-5115 or look online by clicking here

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