Gov. Greg Abbott announces plans to run for re-election

Audience cheered, held signs in support of governor

SAN ANTONIO – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants four more years in office. On Friday, he announced his decision to run for re-election in San Antonio in front of a packed room at Sunset Station.

The hundreds in attendance chanted Abbott’s name as they held up colorful signs. The governor pledged to fight for them and the state of Texas.

Abbott’s announcement was set in San Antonio for a reason. Friday marked the anniversary of when he revealed plans for his original campaign four years ago in the Alamo City.

Abbott’s re-election announcement comes just days before the start of the special session, which he’s called to address issues important to the Republican Party. Those issues include the so-called “bathroom bill,” property tax reform and school vouchers.

The governor also talked about what he’s accomplished in office, including campus carry laws, his fight against cartels, his mission to protect the border by banning sanctuary cities and the protection of religious liberties.

“(I’m) here to support our governor who supports our police, protects the sanctity of life and wants to make a great future for Texas," said Jason Vasquez, an attendee.

“Small time businesses help veterans get jobs. That's very important because when we get out of the military, certain sectors won't let us get in, and it's hard for us to get into those sectors. And that's where he's trying to help," said Melvin Roman, an Abbott supporter.

A small group of protesters were outside the building; some even made their way inside. At least one woman was escorted out in handcuffs. Another person was carried out.