Need a reason to exercise? 107-year-old man credits gym for longevity

Charles Kunetka celebrating 107th birthday

SAN ANTONIO – For those planning on living to 107, you might not want to skip the gym.

A San Antonio man said he was able to celebrate his 107th birthday Monday because of his active lifestyle.

Charles Kunetka is doing more than just hanging around, he is still going strong.

Kunetka came to live in San Antonio back in 1930 and began working at Kelly Field.

He said he served in the military and always kept up with staying healthy, in his lifestyle, eating habits, and surrounding himself with good company.

"Join me doing this. This is good for you,” he said. “Makes you strong. Makes you live longer like me."

Kunetka said he recently learned he would soon have a great-granddaughter. So he plans to stay active so he can see her take her first steps.