Woman accused of stealing cash, computers from local lawyer

Warrant: Zenaida Gonzales caught on camera tossing stolen items into dumpster

SAN ANTONIO – A former employee of a high-profile San Antonio attorney is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from him.
Zenaida Gonzales, 37, was arrested Monday for the theft that allegedly occurred at the law office of Luis Vera in May.

Vera is an attorney for the League of United Latin American Citizens, which is suing Texas over its "sanctuary cities" law and its redistricting maps.

According to an arrest warrant, Vera contacted San Antonio police in late May, reporting Gonzales stole $3,000 in cash that was delivered to the office by a client.

According to the warrant, Vera said Gonzales "never reported the transaction" and "had no permission or authority" to make that type of transaction.

When confronted about the missing money, Gonzales reportedly cleared out her desk.

Vera told investigators he also discovered Gonzales stole "an unknown number of client files, threw away four of the firm's computers, and stole another computer."


Surveillance video showed Gonzales in the building on a Saturday taking items from the office and throwing them away in a dumpster.

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This was not the first time Gonzales was accused of taking something that didn't belong to her. In 2012, she was the focus of another KSAT news report when she was arrested for stealing from an organization dedicated to prisoners of war and service members who are missing in action.

The 77-year-old victim in that case said Gonzales wrote out more than 10 checks that police said she used to make loan payments, pay her utility bills and obtain cash.

Gonzales was convicted in that case and was on probation when she was accused of stealing from Vera. She was also on probation for another charge of credit/debit card abuse from 2013.


Luis Vera said he didn't find out about Gonzales' previous arrests until she was accused of stealing from him.
In addition to the $3,000 in cash she's accused of taking, investigators place the value of the damaged computers and other items that were missing at around $7,400.

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