DA prepared to move forward in decades old killer nurse case

Genene Jones facing charges in 1981 death of SA baby

SAN ANTONIO – In less than a year, convicted baby killer Genene Jones will have legally served a life sentence for the 1982 death of 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan.

Jones, a nurse who was working for a Kerrville doctor, injected the infant with a lethal dose of a muscle relaxant.

“Justice on this side of heaven calls for that woman to take her last breath behind bars and I intend to accomplish that,” said Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” La Hood.

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He is preparing to try Jones in the 1981 death of 11-month-old Joshua Sawyer, who died after allegedly receiving a lethal drug injection from Jones while in her care at a San Antonio hospital.

La Hood said that in spite of the passage of time, he is confident that he has a good case, but refused to discuss specifics.

“I’m not going to talk about how we’re going to do it in a court of law,” he said. “We’re going to present our evidence that we believe is credible.”

Among pre-trial matters that La Hood said he expects to be considered is whether to move the trial from Bexar County on a change of venue.

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“That’s always the case when you’re talking about a high profile case,” La Hood said.  “We believe that Bexar County is the proper venue but we’re prepared to try this case anywhere.”

No trial date has been set in the Sawyer case.

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