Family needs blood testing after catheter found in ice cream

'He's not even able to speak about it'

A Canadian family is deeply disturbed and needing ongoing medical attention after a new grandfather found a piece of a catheter in his ice cream.

The family, celebrating the birth of a new child, was enjoying dessert when the man discovered something hard in his mouth. When he spit it out, he discovered it was a catheter.

"He put it in his mouth and found the tip of the syringe," Carole-Anne Christofferson said. "He's the worst off, the most affected. He's not even able to speak about it."

Due to the nature of the discovery, the family members who were exposed were told to go to a hospital for HIV and Hepatitis A,B and C testing.

Christofferson says she has reached out to the ice cream company, Coaticook, and might still take legal action. Coaticook says it's the first time the company has received a complaint like this.

The ice cream was purchased at a local grocery store.