Taiwanese woman divorces husband for ignoring texts

Man has 'read' indicators turned on

A judge in Taiwan granted a woman a divorce, citing the marriage "beyond repair," after her husband continued to ignore her text messages.

The BBC reports the woman sent her husband several messages over the span of six months, and few replies were returned. She says his "read" indicators on the Line messages were turned on, which shows proof that he was simply ignoring her.

After a brief stint in the hospital due to a car accident, the man finally sent his wife a brief message.

"It was about matters related to their dog and notified her there was mail for her, but he didn't show any concern for her," the judge stated.

The couple has been married since 2012, and reports other marital issues in addition to poor texting etiquette.

The judge says the man has never shown up for a court appearance and hasn't responded to any other notices.