15 teen girls stage a quinceañera at Texas Capitol to protest SB4 bill

‘We are brown and we are beautiful' chants voiced on capitol steps

Courtesy: AP images

AUSTIN – Fifteen teenage girls dressed in bright, colorful dresses took to the steps of the Texas State Capitol, protesting against SB4 by way of a quinceañera.

On Wednesday, the public protest named “Quinceañera at the Capitol” was organized by Texas-based Latino advocacy group Jolt, which said it wants “combat hate and racism by celebrating Latino culture.”

The group scheduled the event earlier this month on July 10 with a series of set acts that ended with the young women in dresses delivering gifts to the authors of SB4.

On May 7, Governor Greg Abbott signed SB4, better known as the “sanctuary cities bill,” allowing law enforcement officials to ask people during routine stops about their immigration status.

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The controversial bill, which goes into effect on Sept. 1, also threatens with jail the law-enforcement officials who choose not to comply with federal immigration agents.

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Posted by Office of the Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday, May 7, 2017

According to Jolt Texas, “Quinceañeras are an important tradition that highlights the bonds of family, community, culture and brings people together through celebration.”

“This is the spirit of the Quinceañera at the Capitol event: to celebrate the resistance to SB4 by highlighting our commitment to our communities and culture,” the group said on its Facebook page.

“After all, SB4 isn’t just about politics: it will sow fear and distrust into our communities and break apart our families. To resist this harmful and hateful law, we will draw on the incredible power within the very communities that SB4 will affect.”

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Shortly after the protest, the group shared a video on its Facebook page showing one of the girls talking to media and saying, “We need to fight hard because this isn’t fair to us. This is our home and we will not be disrespected in our own home.”

Quinceañera at the Capitol

Quinceañeras are fighting back against SB4 & all attacks on the Latino community! ✊🏾❤️️ Join the fight at jolttx.org #BrownIsBeautiful #15contraSB4

Posted by Jolt Texas on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

According to the Jolt Texas website, some of the girls who participated in Wednesday’s protest are themselves, undocumented immigrants.



The idea for the event came from one of Jolt’s volunteers, who witnessed quinceañeras taking photos at the state Capitol during SB4 action, according to the group’s website.


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