Little boy cries, hugs stepmom while exchanging vows


RIPLEY, N.Y. – It's normal to cry at weddings, but one little guy at a ceremony between two U.S. Marines over the weekend truly opened the waterworks to epic proportions.

While U.S. Marine Corps. Sgt. Joshua Newville and Senior Airman Emily Leehan were exchanging "I do's" on Saturday, Newville's 4-year-old son Gage stole the show.

As Leehan was reading a speech written just for her new stepson, Gage started to cry and immediately hugged his new step mom.

"I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you." Leehan said in her heartfelt speech to Gage.

Both Gage's dad and Leehan comforted the boy and held him as the ceremony continued.

Those in attendance were seen wiping away tears before finally cheering when the speech came to an end.

As Newville and Leehan are still on active military duty, the couple had to pass on a honeymoon to return to their base in New Jersey.