Transgender Texas veteran reacts to President Trump's military ban

President rolls back policy on transgender individuals serving in military

HOUSTON – Josphine Paulett Tittsworth is a proud veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, serving from 1973 to 1977. She had top security clearance, she rose to the rank of petty officer second class and received a Good Conduct Metal.

But her top-secret clearance wasn't the only secret about Josephine. At the time, she was a man named Joseph Paul Tittsworth, who was serving in the military with a strong desire to be a woman.

"I wore woman's clothes under my uniform," Josephine Tittsworth, a Houston resident, said. "I wore them under my dress uniform. I painted my toenails. I'd go to work."

If anyone found out, she said she would have been booted from the military.

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Pointing to her medals, Tittsworth said, "My Good Conduct Medal ... right there? I call it my never-got-caught medal."

Tittsworth is proud of her service. To her, the news of President Donald Trump's tweet banning transgender individuals from the military felt like a betrayal.

"Now, they are trying to say we are third-class citizens not capable of serving our country and protecting our country," Tittsworth said.