Not hyped yet for Aug. 21 eclipse? You're about to be

Many anticipate this will be most widely shared event in human history

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(GMG) – As you’re probably aware by now, on Aug. 21, the country will experience a total solar eclipse -- and this one has even been named the Great American Eclipse. Although we have eclipses from time to time, this one is going to be pretty stellar, to say the least: Possibly the coolest solar event of your lifetime.

Inside Do your plans Aug. 21 involve heading out for the eclipse? We want to hear!

Without giving away too much, we wanted to brief you on why the upcoming eclipse is so rare and special, and why you should care. Send this to your skeptical friend and we can nearly guarantee his or her curiosity will be piqued. And for those of you in the path of totality -- just know the world is watching. And insanely jealous.