What the world was like last time there was a total solar eclipse in the U.S.

Things were pretty groovy back in 1979

Life was a little different February 26, 1979.

Why are we talking about this random date? Well, this was the last time America experienced a total solar eclipse.

A total solar eclipse, or the phenomena of the moon's orbit aligning perfectly with the Earth and sun creating a "hole in the sky," is very rare to see from land. In fact, the last time it was visible from any part of the United States was 38 years ago. Now, we'll experience another one Monday.

This total solar eclipse will have points of totality, or places where the sun will appear completely blocked by the moon, all across the country. The 1979 eclipse only had points of totality in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. 

The eclipses aren't the only things different between now and 1979. Here's an example of a few more ways the world has changed since the last solar eclipse: