Mom charged with child abandonment after baby found in flower bed

Newborn girl was found covered in ants

HOUSTON – The mother of a newborn girl who was found abandoned and covered in ants last week has been charged in connection with the case, authorities said Monday.

Sidney Ann Woytasczyk, 21, has been charged with the second-degree felony of abandoning a child, causing serious bodily injury.

Woytasczyk is facing two-20 years in prison. More charges are possible. She was taken into custody without incident Monday.

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Woytasczykhas no other children.

Deputies said a man who was on his way to work found the baby about 5 a.m. Thursday in a flower bed at the Bridges of Cypress Creek apartments on Red Oak Drive.

They said investigators followed a blood trail to a nearby apartment, where they detained two people identified as the child’s mother and father.

Woytasczyk told investigators she didn't know she was pregnant, and when she figured it out, she panicked.
"We believe that she was trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant and that she ... gave birth from her boyfriend," said Sgt. Matthew Ferguson.

Woytasczyk apparently gave birth alone in her apartment Aug. 10. After giving birth, she dropped the child off in a flower garden. She then returned to her apartment for about five hours, authorities said.

She said she didn't want the child to come between her and her boyfriend.

Both the mother and child were taken to hospitals for treatment. The child remains at the hospital in good condition.

The father of the child is not facing charges at this time, according to authorities. The man did not know he was the father of the child, investigators said. He is seeking custody of the child and was not aware of the pregnancy, birth or abandonment of the child, according to investigators.

A hearing was held last week to determine who will get custody of the baby. A follow-up hearing is scheduled for next week.

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LIVE UPDATE: Newborn found abandoned, bloody, covered in ants. HCSO update

Posted by KPRC2 Joel Eisenbaum on Monday, August 14, 2017