Elderly woman rescued from Katy home

Marjorie Gordon has lived in home for nearly 80 years

KATY, Texas – Since 1940 Marjorie Gordon has lived in her Katy home on Avenue D.

Though she was not planning on leaving her home with the help of first responders she was all smiles Monday afternoon.

“I didn't have water,” she said.

Gordon was taken to her son’s house five miles away, but from what she saw and heard in news reports she said she knows she's one of the lucky ones. She hopes her home will be OK.

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“It wasn't scary at all,” Gordon said. ”It was kind of uncomfortable with water hitting your eyes.”

A first-of-its-kind of experience for the senior citizen.

One of the people helping get people out of their homes is a man who lives more than thousand miles away.

Mike Hohbein is a fire captain for the Lincoln, Nebraska, Fire Department and is in the Bayou City helping FEMA with evacuations.

This is not his first time responding to a natural disaster of this size, 12 year ago, he help after Hurricane Katrina.

“We were able to get into Katrina and get people out, a lot easier than what I'm finding here,” he said. “The flooding is so widespread here.”

And as first responders continue to make their rounds on boats, the ones who have already made it to dryer land are grateful.

Hohbein said they are scheduled to be remain in Southeast Texas for at least two weeks, but that could be extended if they're still needed.

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