Katy ISD schools host 2,000 Harvey evacuees

Flood waters from Tropical Storm Harvey continue to rise in Houston

KATY, Texas – As the flood waters from Tropical Storm Harvey continue to rise in Houston, people are seeking shelter in anything with a roof.

In Katy, located about 20 minutes west of downtown Houston, the Katy Independent School District is providing a dry space for almost 2,000 evacuees on their campuses.

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Some 700 people have already fill the halls and auditoriums of Cinco Ranch High School, where food, clothing and even board games are pouring in.

One of those people, 12-year-old Nathaniel Cardenas, said while he’s safe and his house is OK, his thoughts stay on his grandfather and father in Dickinson.

"My family's house (is) probably destroyed, and everything they've worked for is completely demolished in just a few days,” he said.

The Sneider family, who is also seeking shelter at Cinco Ranch High School, lives behind the Barker Reservoir, which was releasing water to avoid damn-failure Tuesday morning.

"I just had a feeling that it was going to get worse,” Alex Sneider said. "I mean, everyone seems in pretty good spirits considering the situation. We arrived yesterday."

Some of the evacuees at Cinco Ranch were furry and four-legged.

"The girls are having lots of fun,” Marie Wise said, holding her dog. “(They were) jumping around in the water before we evacuated."

For others, the mood was more somber. Rich Allen said he was probably going to lose his house.

“(I will) probably lose my car, too,” he said. “I don't know what I'm going to do."

Allen said he walked out his front door to water up to his shoulders.

But home is where you make it, he said.

"I got some sheets and some towels, and I got my dog and my cat, and I got Jesus, you know, I got the Lord,” he said.

Evacuees at Cinco Ranch said they will lean on on the generosity of others.

Dylan Moreau is one of the volunteers there.

"If I'm OK, I want to make sure that other people are going to be OK,” he said.

Check out the latest satellite image and find out where Harvey is headed:

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