Guitarist rocks Cypress area neighborhood with patriotism after Harvey devastation

HOUSTON – Sharye Fabbri got her phone camera rolling when she heard an electric guitar echoing through her Cypress area neighborhood Tuesday.

Fabbri wrote on Facebook with video of the moment: “I ran outside as fast as I could. … Our neighborhood just pulled together through some serious devastation.”

Someone was playing the “Star-Spangled Banner” as loud as possible as neighbors were picking up the pieces after flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Cheers can be heard throughout the area after the epic guitar solo.

While Fabbri’s home didn’t flood, she told KPRC 2 that several of her neighbors’ homes did, and numerous rescues were made on Monday nearby.

“After all the devastation, it was the most uplifting feeling of hope to hear this, and to see the community supporting each other,” Fabbri wrote to KPRC 2. “Such a beautiful calmness in the air, as if everyone was standing there saluting an imaginary American flag that has been battered, but still there.”

Watch the full video above.

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