Newlyweds rescued from Houston floodwaters

Couple unsure what remains of their home

HOUSTON – Wedded bliss turned into the fight of their lives as a couple had to be rescued from quick rising floodwaters.

David Cornwall and Linda West were married last week. Now, the spot they celebrated their nuptials has turned into a lake.  

“The water just kept rising, rising, rising and it was rising slowly, but if you looked at your clock you could see it getting closer," Cornwall said.

Eventually, the water held the pair hostage in their bedroom.

“The bed was not wet. My coffee maker still worked, and we got Game of Thrones,” West said.  

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It was not long before there was a knock on their door from a Harris County deputy.

“The sheriff was there and he had a motor boat in our driveway and he said, 'Do you want to go?'" he said.

Though it was not part of their plans, the couple hitched a ride to safety.

Now they are staying at hotel for the foreseeable future. The hardest part, they said, is not knowing what is left of their home. 

“I'm trying to keep in mind that we're safe. We're healthy. We're happily married now, and it'll cost money but that’s not the end of the world," West said.