Armed men break into woman's west side home claiming to be police

Neighbor says he checked on woman after hearing commotion, scared robbers off


SAN ANTONIO – A woman is recovering after three men broke into her west side home early Monday morning.

Police said the men forced their way into her home in the 1200 block of Rivas Street screaming they were police officers and demanded jewelry and other valuable items.

"They tried to duct tape her and they took out a knife on her," a family member of the woman who lives at the home said.

KSAT spoke with family and friends of the woman, and they all declined to give their names.

The victim said the men who broke in held up the knife and demanded cash and "The work."

"(At) 5:45, I come home and hear all of this commotion, guys pushing her around, screaming shut up," one neighbor said.

The neighbor said the commotion prompted him to check on the woman -- an act that may have saved the woman's life.

"I hear her outcry, I knock on the door, guys start running to the back door to their car is parked right here, a white challenger," the neighbor said.

The three men who broke in escaped on foot, and the car they drove is now being investigated by police.

Going forward people in the neighborhood have a plan.

"We just gotta protect each other at all times, gotta be out here just vigilant, if we see a car parked I'm gonna go out to it from here on out see who's in there and what's the problem," the neighbor who scared away the intruders said.

The family of the woman urges anyone who might know anything about what happened here to call police, they don't want this to happen again or to happen to anyone else.  

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