Mama Margie's owner says guacamole price increase due to outrageous demand for avocados

Price hike is temporary, owner says


SAN ANTONIO – Earlier this month, Mama Margie's Mexican Cafe locations across the city posted signs informing customers of a price hike in guacamole and the discontinuation of its avocado sauce normally available in its free-of-charge condiments bar, citing a price hike in avocados.

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Pat Stehling, one of Mama Margie's owners, said the price for a box of avocados has more than doubled and is expected to climb. A case of avocados was once a $35 to $40 expense for the local Mexican food giant, now the price of a case has risen to $100.

Stehling said there are many factors contributing to the increase in price -- weather, the time it takes to harvest the crop -- but said demand is the biggest factor in the price increase.

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Stehling said the restaurants posted the signs to be up front with their price increases, though temporary. But, Stehling said he said has no idea how long "temporary" means in this case.

"It’s kind of disappointing to us because we try to serve a value product at a reasonable price,” Stehling said.

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Avocados have become a popular food in recent years, with recipes for avocado toast, avocado shell lattes and other avocado items, the demand has certainly risen.