WATCH: Surveillance video captures moment man returns wallet with $1,500 in it


SACRAMENTO, California – Melissa Vang doesn't answer the door for strangers, so when 18-year-old Tyler Opdyke came knocking, she kept her door locked and looked at video from her surveillance cameras.

Opdyke was walking through Vang's neighborhood posting flyers about his uncle's lawn service when he spotted a wallet with $1,500 in cash and credit cards in it in Vang's driveway. Opdyke, without hesitation, knew he had to return it.

"I just really thought about what i would want someone to do if i were to drop my wallet," Opdyke said. "And then i thought about the house. I thought about the family who lived there."



Opdyke knocked on the door to try to return the wallet in person, but when no one answered he spotted the surveillance cameras and flashed the wallet at the cameras before putting it under the front doormat.

Vang said the wallet belongs to her husband and was filled with cash for a big dinner they had.

"I went back to go see if the money was still there because if it was, I was going to keep knocking and that's when Melissa and her two girls came out and we hugged," Opdyke said.

Faith in humanity restored.