Harvey victims get help at Freeman Coliseum resource center

Freeman Coliseum hosts 'one stop shop' for victims on Friday

SAN ANTONIO – The road to recovery a month after Harvey is still long and fraught with obstacles, but Friday, victims got face-to-face assistance to help them piece their lives back together.

Until 7 p.m., agencies like FEMA and the food bank are at the Freeman Coliseum at 3201 E Houston Street, providing a "one stop shop" for survivors.

Resting on her walker near the entrance of the Freeman Coliseum, Consuelo Cepeda held the booklet "Moving Forward after a Disaster."

A month after Harvey forced her family from their home in Victoria to San Antonio. They are finally getting some clarity on what's next.

"We've been trying to get all kinds of answers and nobody ain't really telling us nothing,'" said Cepeda's husband, Julian Ramirez.

"We've never been through anything like this," said Cepeda, "I don't know how fast, I don't know when does FEMA start working, you know, they told us apply there we did. They told us about Red Cross, OK, you know we're here now."

Response moving to recovery,  the Red Cross has a resource center, known as a Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC), putting victims in front of the agencies they need to move forward.

The Red Cross said more agencies keep showing up, but right now about seven agencies are represented. The food bank is handing out everything from pet food to clothes to diapers.

They are goods that are very welcome to Cepeda. "[I have] no pants, no jackets, hopefully start there because it's gonna' be getting cold pretty soon," said Cepeda.

FEMA, the San Antonio Housing Authority, veterans groups and Women, Infant and Children (WIC), are just some of the agencies there.

They showed people step by step how to get government assistance, access unemployment benefits and make San Antonio their new home if they wish.

"Walk them through the paperwork, walk them through the process of how to get that relief so they're not having to do it on their own," said Libby Castillo with American Red Cross serving Greater San Antonio. "This is the first time they've ever gone through a disaster, and it's a process to get through the recovery process, and so what we're doing here today is putting these agencies right in front of them."