Traffic expected to improve for drivers who use Loop 1604, Bandera Road intersection

TxDOT to turn intersection into displaced left turn

SAN ANTONIO – Traffic is expected to improve for drivers who use the intersection of Loop 1604 and Bandera Road.

The Texas Department of Transportation began the $7.6 million project to turn the intersection into a displaced left turn, or DLT, also known as a continuous flow intersection.

Construction is expected to last about a year. The north-south turnaround loop and the south-north turnaround loop will be closed during different times of the process.

The innovative design will be a first for the metro area. It will move left turning vehicles across the road several yards before the intersection, allowing forward-moving vehicles to move faster through the traffic light. 

TxDOT said the design is expected to ease traffic by about 75 percent through the intersection. The DLT design has been used across the nation and internationally. There is a similar one in San Marcos.

While it looks confusing on a diagram, TxDOT said it works well once in effect.

Drivers who use the intersection said they spend a large part of their morning commute trying to get through the light.

Didra Lara, who lives only a half-mile away, said she spends about 20 minutes trying to get through the light. 

“It’s confusing now. I don’t see how this is going to help,” she said, looking at the design.

Drivers worry construction will make things worse before it gets better.

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