Neighbors building relationships to tackle East Side violence

National Night Out events held Tuesday

SAN ANTONIO – The community was out in full force on National Night Out on Tuesday, with neighbors taking the time to show they care about where they live.
"Personally, I feel that it's building relationships and just joining together in unity. That’s what we need," said Diamonique Jackson, who attended National Night Out.
The big question was how to end the violence on the East Side. Many people came to the conclusion that the solution is within themselves.
"We need to, as a community, get back in the trenches ourselves, and (San Antonio Police Chief William McManus is) absolutely right when he says that," said Walter Johnson, who lives on the East Side.
The violence includes an uptick in shootings. Just two weeks ago there were seven shootings in a 72-hour span.
The latest shooting happened Sunday night. McManus said solving those crimes has been tough. He's urging the community to help the department.
"We are pressed to get people to give us information. Complaints, victims of violent crimes don’t want to talk, witnesses don't want to talk and what we want to get out there is that you can tell us what’s going on. Nobody has to know who you are," McManus said.
Walter Johnson has lived on the East Side most of his life. He said the young generation has a lot to offer, but they just need guidance.
"This generation we have now is stronger, smarter, brighter then we have ever been. They have no fear. It’s simply educating them (and) being able to talk to them, not at them," Johnson said.