SA leader, organizations team up to help Puerto Rico

Former SA Mayor Henry Cisneros helps with effort

SAN ANTONIO – One San Antonio leader is making an effort to help provide aid in Puerto Rico after two hurricanes devastated the U.S. territory.  

Former San Antonio Mayor and Sec. of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros is one of those leaders behind the initiative.

He is teaming up with several organizations from across the city.

Cisneros helped launch a campaign to raise funds for the island after hurricanes Irma and Maria caused massive damage.

He said every citizen should do what they can to help.

"We believe the priority is medically-related supplies to restock clinics to help people with first aid,” he said. “Then the people on the ground can make priority decisions after that."

Cisneros also said the U.S. government is a massive force and has the responsibility to help Puerto Rico.