City leaders waiting to learn if SA has safe smog levels

EPA missed Sunday deadline for ozone report release


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio city and health leaders are waiting to find out if the city has safe smog levels.

The Environmental Protection Agency missed the Sunday deadline to release its ozone report.

The new regulations require the ozone pollution in air samples to be lower than 70 parts per billion. The city's last annual report showed it was 73 PPB.

Leaders said even if they don't know if the rating has gone up or down, they will continue to work on keeping the air clean for San Antonians.

 “We know the higher the ozone, the worse the health, and so we want to do what we can do decrease the ozone so people can go outside and enjoy the beautiful San Antonio weather,” said Colleen Bridger, director of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

“It’s looking at fuel efficiency, how we get around, looking at efficiency of our buildings. It’s looking at operations of our industry. It’s looking across sectors on what we can do to improve air quality,” said Douglas Melnick, chief sustainability officer for the city of San Antonio.

The EPA has not indicated when the report will be released.

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