New outdoor trail to help troubled children

Salado Wilderness Trail opens on South Side

SAN ANTONIO – A new outdoor trail has opened and will be used as a way to help troubled kids across the city.

The Salado Wilderness Trail on the city’s South Side was unveiled to the public Thursday.

Studies show exposure to nature can help prevent depression, reduce stress and boost a person's overall well-being.

District Judge Peter Sakai with the 225th District Court works closely with kids who need a little more guidance and said the trail is going to be a tool for them.

“You can't just house kids and expect them to change,” Sakai said. “You've got to put them through effective therapeutic programs and this is one example, using the beauty of nature."

The trail is behind the Bexar County Krier Correctional Facility at 3621 Farm Road.

At 1.2 miles long, there is opportunities for hiking, picnics and horseback riding.