City lays out plan to fix 30-year flooding problem on East Side

Projected $2 million price tag to be payed for by budget

SAN ANTONIO – East Side residents who said they are sick and tired of major flooding every time it rains are now getting a little peace of mind as the city lays out a plan to fix the 30-year problem.
"If you're in a low car, the water literally gets in your car. You have to find a different way to get to your home," said Isabel Garza, who lives on Lake Crystal Street.

It's a problem residents said until now has yet to be addressed with an actionable plan.

"All the promises, nothing gets done. We've had people move out because of promises, because of the flooding," said Eugene Hayes, who has lived on Lake Crystal Street for about 30 years.

Nefi Garza, assistant director for the city's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department, said there's a $2 million, two-phase project in the works to fix the issue. It would focus on restructuring streets such as Lake Crystal Street, as well as problem areas such as drains and inlets that clog, preventing the rainwater from getting into the nearby lake like it should.

"We've had engineers look at that. We've gone back with them, shown them some of the plans, some of the ideas" Garza said.

KSAT 12 News asked why its taken some 30 years to come up with a solution, despite ongoing complaints.

Garza said, "Part of the challenge is identifying what the problem is, really understanding what's the problem and the biggest issue is finding the funding."

Once budget funds are reallocated, Garza said the project could kick off in January, maybe even sooner.

"Fantastic. I'm elated. I could jump up and down," said Chris Dawkins, president of the Lakeside Neighborhood Association. 

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