Daughter defends mother accused of killing deaf-mute friend

Michelle Chase on trial for murder

SAN ANTONIO – Wednesday was day one of the murder trial of a San Antonio woman, accused of shooting and killing her deaf-mute friend.

Michelle Chase, 50, is on trial for the murder of William Farr, 50.

On Wednesday, prosecutors called a sergeant, who testified that after Chase had given police several different accounts of what happened, he told her she needed to be truthful.

"She shook her head and I asked her, ‘Did you shoot him?’ And she said, ‘Yes,’” Sgt. Dwayne Brannon with the San Antonio Police Department said.

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Michelle Chase's daughter, Michelle Smith, sat in the court in support of her mother and said she fired a shot through her front screen door at the Spring View Manor Apartments because she was scared and she did not know the person banging on her door was Farr.  

"She said he was banging on the door, banging on the windows and it was late," Smith said. "She says, ‘Who is it?’ He can't hear. It's very hard and then it's late at night so, she's scared."

Smith said what her mother did was self-defense and she's hoping the jury will see that too.

"That's not someone premeditating," Smith said. "That's not someone thinking, ‘I'm going to kill someone.’ It's someone saying, ‘I'm going to protect myself and this is the only way I know how.’ She didn't murder someone. She defended herself, but she just did it the wrong way."

The defense is scheduled to call up their witnesses on Thursday.

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