Dangers of over-consuming alcohol

Fraternity pledge member dies after being forced to over-consume Diesel alcohol

SAN ANTONIO – The label on the bottle of liquor clearly states the dangers of consumption, yet year after year, the effects of alcohol abuse can be seen.
David Gude, a physician and chief operating officer at the Texas Med Clinic, said drinking often leads to people becoming disoriented, slurred speech and sleepiness. 
"As you continue to consume higher and higher doses what begins to happen is that it has more of an effect on the central nervous system, but more importantly, it starts to suppress the respiratory system," Gude said.
Court records show Louisiana State University fraternity pledge members were forced to drink the alcohol called Diesel. Maxwell Gruver, who was forced to drink 10-12 pulls, where he was drinking for 3-5 seconds, died after consuming the alcohol.
Gruver’s blood alcohol level was 0.496, more than six times over the legal drinking limit. Gude said anyone in that situation would have needed help.
"I think the judgment of that individual has sufficiently been impaired and won't be able to make the appropriate decision, and they would have to rely on someone else to help them," Gude said.