Weinstein scandal helps raise sexual abuse awareness

Rape Crisis Center official in SA says victims need to report abuse

SAN ANTONIO – People across the United States are using the #MeToo hashtag to raise awareness about sexual assault and abuse in the wake of the sex scandal surrounding Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Carmen Vasquez, clinical director of the Rape Crisis Center in San Antonio, said reporting cases is important. 

"Those high-profile cases help to raise awareness," Vasquez said. "Sexual abuse has nothing to do with the way people look or the way people dress. It has to do with abusing power over someone else's body, rights, and we need to remember that."

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Vasquez said sexual abuse is a crime of power and control, and that prevents some people from reporting it. 

"It can be a parent, it can be a boss, it can be a teacher. Someone that might have power and control over the person," Vasquez said. 

She said people are afraid to report their abuse because of the fear of not being believed. 

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To learn more about the Rape Crisis Center, visit rapecrisis.com or call their 24-hour hotline at 210-349-7273.