Parents concerned with safety of children who walk to NISD schools

Officials doing what they can, ask commuters to be alert


SAN ANTONIO – Campus police with the Northside Independent School District said they have the appropriate safety measures in place to prevent students from getting hit while walking to or from school, but they need parents, students and drivers to be aware of their surroundings.

Safety is a No. 1 priority for school officials due to the hundreds of students who brave the busy streets to and from school every day.

“A lot of congestion. Too many cars and not enough space for all of them,” said Susan Krueger, a grandparent.

Krueger was picking up her granddaughter from school Wednesday and said traffic was a nightmare. She refuses to allow her sixth-grader to walk home.

“I don’t see what they could do. They’ve got crossing guards. They’ve got teachers, police officers that are here every day. It’s just a bad logistic situation,” Krueger said.

Since school started in August, three students from NISD have been hit by vehicles. All of them only walked away with minor injuries.

Two of the accidents happened at a crosswalk on Cavern Hill, one of which while a guard was on duty. That’s why NISD police Chief Charlie Carnes said everyone must be focused and alert.

"I would encourage parents. Don't take anything for granted with what your child might know or might not know. Take the time and sit down with them on a regular basis, reminding them of safety,” Carnes said.

Carnes said his department, teachers and the district are doing what they can, but they would also like to hear from parents.

“We need their support. We need them to be our eyes and ears. If there are concerns, let us know; (210) 397-SAFE (7233) is our safe line,” Carnes said.