Man already jailed on drug charges faces new murder charge

Omar Garza, 27, charged with murder of Jose Martinez Jr., 16

SAN ANTONIO – Omar Garza, 27, was charged with murder Friday morning in the shooting death of 16-year-old Jose Martinez Jr. 

The shooting happened on the night of June 5 in the 300 block of Kyle on the city’s Southwest Side. 

A second victim told police that he met Garza that night to help him fix a flat tire and buy some drugs when Garza and Martinez both pulled weapons on him and demanded money. 

The victim was forced into the back seat of his Yukon, where Martinez sat, armed with an assault rifle, while Garza drove. 

When Garza stopped in the 300 block of Kyle, the victim began wrestling for control of the rifle when a shot fired, hitting Martinez and killing him instantly. 

Garza ran out of the vehicle followed by the victim, who shot Garza through the leg. Garza left in another car that showed up, and the victim was picked up by police. They interviewed him, but he told them he did not know the other two.

On July 14, Garza was arrested on unrelated drug charges and told the arresting officer that he knew police were looking for him. He was interviewed a few days later and told detectives that “the side you’re getting is not the right side” and told them he was “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Another witness came forward to police and said he heard Garza talk about planning to rob someone the night of June 5 and took Martinez with him. Because Garza was committing a felony that caused the death of another, he was charged with murder. He’s in the Bexar County jail without bond.