Texas teacher accused of duct taping loud students' mouths fired


KILLEEN, Texas (KXXV) – A substitute teacher who students called "Ms. Joshua" is out of a job after students said she duct taped their mouths because they were being too loud.

"She had an idea where some kids would line up in a line and she would duct tape their mouths," Andy Hernandez, a 5th grader at Maxdale Elementary said.

The teacher, who has not been identified, is accused of duct taping the mouths of 10 students and instructing 3 other students to duct tape their own mouths.


Hernandez said his table wasn't talking, so they didn't get their mouths duct taped.

"Later their mouths were hurting so they all had to go to the clinic to get ice packs," Hernandez said.

Students who had their mouths duct taped were treated by a school nurse.

Killeen ISD released the following statement:

The substitute teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and barred from the campus as a result of this outrageous and unconscionable behavior. the school leadership notified Child Protective Services of the event, and we will work closely in support of any additional investigation by law enforcement as needed.

Hernandez said the principal came to their classroom and apologized for the incident and advised the students the substitute wouldn't be back to teach again.