Texas woman loses $2,000 on fake World Series tickets


SPRING, Texas – A Spring woman is out $2,000 after being sold fake tickets to Game 3 of the World Series.

"I looked on Ticket Line, StubHub (and) Craigslist. Found they were cheaper on Craigslist," said Andrea Falcon. She said she had purchased tickets from Craigslist in the past and researched several ads selling tickets.

"(I) did my research. Didn't transfer money online. Didn't get tickets transferred to me online. Didn't pay until I'd seen the tickets," Falcon said. 

Falcon found a seller who agreed to meet her in person to make the transaction. She agreed to meet the seller downtown Friday, near Minute Maid Park. 

"He came up and shook our hands, walked right to the car and introduced himself," Falcon said. 

Falcon said she paid the man $2,000, after asking someone at the ticket counter at Minute Maid if the tickets looked legitimate. 

"The ticket window person said those were printed on Astros stock paper," Falcon said.

Excited, Falcon called her father and set up what she thought would be a surprise trip to Game 3 Friday. It wasn't until Falcon, her fiance, son and father were in line at Minute Maid that they learned they had been duped. The tickets would not scan. 

"They wouldn't scan but the guy came out and looked at them and said they were missing two numbers on the bottom of the bar code," Falcon said.

Stunned, Falcon called her seller. No answer. Texted him, as well. No response. 

KSAT 12's sister station KPRC 2 Friday called a number Falcon said was that of the seller. A voicemail greeting said, "The text mail subscriber you are trying to reach is not available."

Text mail subscriber is a number generated online. Reports confirmed such phantom phone lines are often used by scammers.

Falcon said she likely will not be reimbursed. She contacted Houston police and planned to file a report.

Police said that anyone who believes they have been sold fake tickets should call 713-884-3131 or file a report online at HoustonPolice.org.