Drug kingpin El Chapo says he's depressed in prison

Infamous leader of Sinoloa drug cartel says he is having memory problems

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SAN ANTONIO – Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera, more commonly known as El Chapo, says he is depressed and forgetting things in prison, according to a doctor’s report.

The infamous leader of the Sinoloa drug cartel told the evaluating doctor he remembers things from the past but not recent events.

He complained about having no television or radio and said “if this continues, I think that by December I will not be well,” in regards to his limited family visitation.

During his incarceration El Chapo has had numerous consultations for high anxiety, depression and insomnia, according to the report.

El Chapo mentions in the report that he was given 13 pills a day during his stint at Almoloya de Juarez in Mexico and that he has to take medication just to go to the bathroom.

Defense attorneys said Guzman can no longer remember people, places and events. He has also complained about hallucinations and is feeling persecuted, claiming that the government is recording him in his cell, ABC News reported.

El Chapo isn’t just famous for being a drug lord, he’s also made headlines for meeting with actor Sean Penn and escaping from prison twice.

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He was smuggled out of Puente Grande prison in Mexico in a load of laundry in 2001 and escaped from Mexico’s Altiplano prison in 2015 through a mile-long tunnel.

A Mexican judge granted the extradition of El Chapo to the U.S. this past January.

The drug kingpin faces charges in both California and Texas.

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Texas charges against him include organized crime, money laundering, murder, firearms violations, criminal conspiracy and crimes against public health.

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