Licensed dentist asks victims treated by fake dentist to seek help

Woman pays $11K for repairs after being treated by Isidro Manjarres

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio licensed dentist is urging patients treated by a man recently arrested for practicing dentistry without a license to seek help.

The dentist did not want to be named but treated the woman who claimed she was seen by Isidro Manjarres in his North Side home garage.

The University of Texas System Police Department arrested Manjarres on Monday. Documents state the victim claims he caused her so much pain she thought she was going to die.

The type of work she needed would have cost more than $8,000, the licensed dentist said. Manjarres offered to do it for $3,600, so the victim gave him $1,800 in cash to begin the procedure, according to investigators.

Court documents state he treated her for about eight hours and injected her with anesthesia about 12 times.

The woman came forward after she contracted an infection. Repairs for the work done on her cost her more than $11,000.

“I don’t know what other types of treatment he was doing,” the licensed dentist said. “But if it's something like this, I would recommend following up with a licensed dentist to make sure he hasn’t done any damage that will get worse over time.”

Poor work could cost a person permanent loss of teeth and could affect their diet and the rest of their lives.

The dentist is asking people treated by Manjarres to come forward.

To find out if a dentist or hygienist is licensed, check the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners website.

Investigators said no additional victims have come forward.

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