SAPD hosts workshop to deter skimming at gas stations

Monitoring card transactions daily recommended

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SAN ANTONIO – Fuel pump skimming is a growing problem in San Antonio and police are trying to get the word out, so locals don’t become victims.

A seminar was held Thursday at Public Safety Headquarters to educate the fuel dispense industry and convenience store owners on what to look out for.

Skimming is when someone attaches a device to the card reader on a fuel pump and then uses that device to store your personal information.

The San Antonio Police Department’s financial crimes unit has seen a huge increase in pump skimming fraud over the past few months.

There are some things people can do to protect themselves before they swipe.

“What we do is urge customers to go ahead and pull on the card slot itself. Make sure it doesn't come off in your hand, always protect your pin or ZIP entry with your free hand and finally, you really need to monitor your credit daily,” said Lt. Marcus Booth, with the San Antonio Police Department.

Police advise people to check their bank and credit card accounts often so they can track any questionable changes in real time.

They also encourage using cards with chip and pin technology. It’s much harder to take information from the chip than a magnetic strip.

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