Drivers engage in gun battle on busy South Side street

Police find 1 vehicle with bullet holes

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are trying to find the people involved in a rolling gun battle on a busy South Side street early Friday morning.

Police began receiving calls about the incident around 6:30 a.m. from the area along Commercial Avenue near West Southcross Boulevard.

When officers arrived at the scene, they noticed broken glass on the ground along Commercial Avenue.

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Officers later located a car that matched the description of one of the vehicles involved, a blue sedan, a few blocks away on Tabor Avenue.

Police confirmed the car had bullet holes in it and heavy front-end damage.

Officers also tracked down the car owner but said he didn't offer much helpful information.

The gunfire made for some scary moments for residents who live in the neighborhood. 

"I was sitting in there watching TV, and all I heard was a pop sound," Greg Espinoza said.

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One house down, Martin Anzualda was preparing his morning coffee when he heard the disturbing sound of gunfire.

"I thought that they were shooting inside the house," Anzualda said. "Me and my wife, we were scared to death."

The neighbors said while the bullets were flying, a VIA Metropolitan bus was in the danger zone.  

They said the bus pulled over and parked at the curb.

Police didn't receive any reports of injuries, but they worked to track down the bus, hoping its surveillance cameras might have captured at least some of the shooting.

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Espinoza also wonders what triggered the violence.

"Whatever their problem was this early in the morning, I just hope that people realize you don't need a gun to solve problems," he said.

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