74-year-old man who walked miles wearing sign finally finds kidney for his wife


FARR WEST, Utah (KSTU) – A 74-year-old Utah man who walked miles with a sign that said "need a kidney 4 wife" in big, red letters has finally found a kidney for his wife.

Wayne Winters spent his days walking the streets of Utah to help his wife, who has stage 5 kidney failure, find a kidney.


Wayne's story went viral as his wife Deanne was undergoing dialysis while she waited for a kidney. 

"The sweetest people you will ever meet are donors," Wayne said. "There is so much love. They said 'I saw you on TV. I liked the story. I want to help your wife -- I want to be the one.' It's awesome."

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Wayne said he felt helpless watching his wife suffer and searched for ideas. He got idea of using the sandwich board sign from another man online.

Wayne said although his wife got the kidney she needed, he will continue to advocate for those in need of kidney donations.

Deanne is recovering from surgery. Wayne said the surgery went well.