Hollywood Park Starbucks customer (literally) gets off his high horse to order a drink


HOLLYWOOD PARK, Texas – Folks at the Galleria Oaks Starbucks in Hollywood Park got a unique visitor over the weekend when a man rode his horse to the Starbucks and tied her up outside of the store.

Calyx Edmondson saw the whole thing go down and said employees were confused, but amused at the sight of the horse.

"The (owner) was super nice and let me pet the horse," Edmondson said. "I have no idea where he walked it from though, he said they had some land in the area."

No word on whether the horse got her own "latt-hay."

A photo of the incident was posted to Reddit over the weekend.

People on Reddit joked about how the photo fit a long-running stereotype of Texans riding their horses to complete day-to-day errands.

"See, stuff like this gets out and we end up with my classmate that assumed at least some of us Texans still rode horses everywhere because we had them and it was in every way a valid mode of transport," one Reddit user said. "She thought it was sort of like bikes, how there are racks in a lot of places for the handful of people that want them, figured that's what jogging trails were for, and that of course your average walker or jogger could use them too if you wanted."

Texas restaurant patrons have been photographed time and time again taking their horses through drive-thru restaurants.