Stone Oak residents blame road for repeated crashes

Cars repeatedly hit backyard fences on curvy Knights Cross Drive

SAN ANTONIO – People in one Stone Oak subdivision say they feel like they have a bad case of déjà vu, and they want it to end. 

Drivers repeatedly crash through the backyard fences of their homes located toward the bottom of hilly, curvy Knights Cross Drive.

Cars repeatedly plow into fence near Southeast Side playground

The latest incident happened around 3:30 a.m. Sunday. 

A pickup truck plowed through the fences of two homes, including Henry Mojica’s.

"This is probably the eighth time on my fence,” he said.  "I'm afraid because our bedroom is over here. Same thing with my neighbor. But I don't have anything to block them."

So far, he and others whose houses back up to Knights Cross have been lucky. No one in their homes has been injured.

However, Don Lindberg, who has lived in the area 22 years, remembers one crash that ended especially badly for the driver.

"She ended up with a 2x4 impaled across her shoulders,” he said. “Eight broken ribs, a broken clavicle, a broken scapula."

Lindberg said he can’t even begin to count the number of crashes he has seen at this same site.

According to San Antonio Police Department figures, there have been four crashes there since the beginning of this year.

The city has several measures in place to slow down drivers, including speed bumps and a posted speed limit of 30 mph.

Neighbors said those fixes address only part of the problem, though.

"You don't have to speed. It's something about that area," said Hilda Jaramillo, whose fence was destroyed in an unrelated crash last month. 

She and others want the city to step in and do more to prevent crashes there.

Lindberg said the street, itself, is poorly designed.

"It's a slope,” Lindberg said. “It's coming down a hill, has a pretty good curve going to the left, and the road isn't banked properly."

At the very least, neighbors said the city should extend a guardrail that’s already in place on the most curvy part of the road. They believe if it’s extended farther down the hill, it will protect their property from damage and, possibly, save their lives.

KSAT 12 News spoke with a spokeswoman for the city's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department.

April Alcoser-Luna said most of the crashes on Knights Cross have happened during wet weather. 

She said city's engineers are looking into adding skid resistant surfacing to the roadway. There is no exact date for when that will happen, but they are working to make it happen as soon as possible. We will be following up on this story.

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