Dancing man bitten by K-9, arrested after chase ends on I-45

HOUSTON – A dancing man was arrested Tuesday after a chase that ended in north Houston.

Police said officers tried to stop a man's car for a traffic violation in the 7400 block of Homestead, but the man drove down the Loop then southbound on I-45.

The man stopped when he saw officers set up spike strips at I-45 and I-610. Police said the driver refused to get out the car for several minutes after officers gave orders over a loudspeaker.

When the driver got out, he began dancing on the freeway and refused officer's demands to lay down, police said. 

Video shows the man dancing the robot, then jumping right into some shaking and twerking and then shimmying to the left.

As police order him to keep his hands up and move backward toward them, he starts wildly shaking his hips with his hands in the air, video shows.

The man then turned around with his mouth open and a look of shock on his face. When the driver started backing away from officers, they released a K-9. 

You can hear the man scream in the video before he falls to the ground and is taken into custody.

The man was taken to a hospital with a leg wound.

Tom Eng said he watched the video of the man dancing during a traffic stop several times and thought it was pretty funny.

"These are strange times in Houston. Strange, strange times." Eng said. "Yeah, I think when you're approached by an officer you should listen to what he's saying or she's saying and make sure you're following their directives." 

The driver is charged with felony evading.