Police looking for person who shot, wounded delivery driver

Man, 30, shot near his ankle

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are looking for clues about the person who shot and wounded a man as he delivered muffins and donuts to local businesses early Thursday morning.

Delivery driver shot by someone in passing vehicle

The driver, 30, told officers he was turning from Fredericksburg Road onto eastbound Loop 410 when a black SUV pulled up next to him and someone inside fired a gun. 

The driver was able to make his way to a convenience store near Loop 410 and Vance Jackson, where a clerk called 911 around 2 a.m.

"He was calling me outside. 'Come out. Come out,'” Khan Furqan said. "He passed out because he was bleeding so much."

Furqan said he realized the wounded man was someone he sees all the time, a regular deliveryman for his store.

"He brings the muffins, all this stuff,” he said. “Every night, every morning."

The man was taken to a hospital by ambulance. Police said the man was stable, but would not elaborate further.

Furgan expressed his concern for the driver and hopes he will be back on his feet soon.

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