Teaching kitchen educates community on how to make healthy, tasty food

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SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Boys and Girls Club is teaming up with the Culinary Health Education For Families program to get people in the community to make healthier choices.

One way they’re making it happen is through their teaching kitchens.

The groups hold classes at the Boys and Girls Club to teach families how to cook healthy meals at home.

The San Antonio Boy’s and Girls Club’s CEO Angie Mock said kids who start out unhealthy can end up becoming unhealthy adults.

“We really doubled down and said we as an organization are going to do something about this in our neighborhood,” Mock said.

The classes in the teaching kitchens are run by registered dieticians like Rachel Brownlee Kurita. She said a key to cooking success is making sure you use vegetables that are in season.

“They’re riper and they’re also more tasty and tend to have more flavor,” Kurita said.

They’re also cheaper if they're in season. 

Kurita said they plan to add new classes to their lineup that cater to specific conditions and groups. Kurita hopes to roll out a class for new moms and one that focuses on diabetes management.

Prices and times for the classes vary. For more information on the program go to chefsa.org

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