Police: Dad used stun gun on girl with special needs, caregivers gave her unprescribed medication

Autopsy shows girl, 14, died after being given blood pressure medication

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HOUSTON – A 14-year-old girl with special needs died in October 2016 from the toxic effects of blood pressure medication, an autopsy report shows. 

Three people have been arrested and are accused of having a role in her death. 

On Tuesday, Harris County deputies arrested Tommieretta Gunner, Marreissa Jones and the child's father Anthony Jackson, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office. 

Surveillance video inside the residence caught the abuse of the 14-year old child, according to the release. The abuse included numerous individuals using a stun gun on the girl over a span of several months.

Jackson is seen using the stun gun seven times and threatening her at least 15 other times over that period, the release states. Video also reportedly shows Gunner and Jones "giving the child two different high blood pressure medication over a three-week period," the report says.

Jones worked for a home health care provider and was assigned as a caretaker for the child, according to the release.

The girl was never prescribed blood pressure medication, and her mental and physical attributes change significantly after Gunner, Jones and Jackson gave it to her, the release states.

Gunner and Jones are charged with first-degree felony injury to a child charge, while Jackson was charged with third-degree felony injury to a child, according to the release.