Police mistake hibiscus plant for pot, couple wrongly detained

Couple filed lawsuit against police department

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A Pennsylvania couple filed a lawsuit when they were was wrongly detained after their hibiscus plant was mistaken for marijuana, reports The Associated Press.

An insurance agent who was inspecting a fallen tree on Edward and Audrey Cramer's property became suspicious of the plant and sent a photo to police. According to the lawsuit, the Buffalo Township officers arrived to the home with assault rifles and eventually handcuffed Audrey, 66, and placed her in a police cruiser. When Edward, 69, arrived home, he was also handcuffed and placed in the cruiser. 

"They actually ignored me," said Edward, who tried to tell officers the plant was not marijuana. "They wouldn't even listen. I said, 'I can show you pictures on the internet.'"

The couple was finally released without charges, and are seeking monetary and compensatory damages and court costs.