Terrifying video of woman driving home with giant spider in car goes viral

Woman claims spider is real, drove with it for about 20 minutes

(Image: Facebook/Bianca Merrick via Brown Cardigan)
(Image: Facebook/Bianca Merrick via Brown Cardigan)

COFFS HARBOUR, Australia – An Australian woman had a terrifying drive home after she spotted a huge spider right above her head on the roof of her car.

Bianca Merrick posted a video on social media of the giant eight-legged creature.

She told a news 7News in Australia she spotted the spider, but decided it would be best to just remain calm instead of making any sudden movement.

Merrick said she drove home with the spider above her head for about 20 minutes. She called it “the longest 20 minutes of my life.”

Merrick slowly got out of her car, locked the door and checked on the spider the next day, only to see it was gone. 

Her video went viral and has been seen nearly half a million times on Facebook. 

Driver incredibly calm as she spots a six-legged creature perched above her head while driving. https://t.co/nOqSpgtn32 pic.twitter.com/nKFkehbFTF

— ABC News (@ABC) November 21, 2017

Merrick said people have asked her if the creature was real or a hoax and she replied, "unfortunately the spider is real." 

She told 7News she has seen the same species of spider outdoors and its not uncommon to see them crawling near her home, but she would have thought she would see one inside.

Life and death begins at 61km/h #spidersensesactivated #nope #ghostridethewhip #rideanddie 📹 @biancamerrick

Posted by Brown Cardigan on Friday, November 17, 2017

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