Estimated 115 million people hit stores, keyboard for Black Friday sales

SAN ANTONIO – An estimated 115 million people hit the stores and the keyboards on Friday to take part in Black Friday and take advantage of some of the best deals all year.

Roy Trevino said he doesn't usually shop on Black Friday, but he couldn't pass on these deals and refused to buy what he needed online.

"It wasn't as bad as I️ thought," Trevino said.

He said he wanted to get an in person look at what he was buying.

"I wanted to see it, like its a 40 inch but I️ don't know how big a 40 inch really is," Trevino said. "I'd rather see it in the box. I'd always prefer seeing it in the store before buying it." 

Trevino's TV is for his PlayStation, but other shoppers are already searching for the perfect holiday present.

"(I'm) looking for a tablet for my mom," Best Buy shopper Bob Garcia said. "Something she can keep all of our family photos on."

For a lot of families, Black Friday is just another family adventure.

"There are some really good deals going on, so let me just grab the kids and see what we can find," Debra Kemp said. "(We) ended up with a family day of just shopping and having a good time."

On the other hand, some families just couldn't get out of bed this morning.

"(They're not here) beause they're asleep -- too much turkey -- but we had a good thanksgiving though," Valentin Tristan said.

For those upset they missed out on holiday steals, Tristan said: "You should've gotten here earlier."

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